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SpringOne 2008 - Application platform keynote

June 12th, 2008

Adrian Colyer led the send day’s keynote centered about the Spring Source Application Platform. Unfortunately the duck that became famous last year could not be with him this year. Fortunately Rob Harrop - AP lead developer - replaced it quite well ;).

Adrian and Rob coined out the primary challanges of enterprise applications the standard has not resolved. Of course they presented OSGi as the main foundation to build a solution on that could solve these problems: modularity, dynamics and so on.

Rob discussed an intresting point regarding standard JavaEE applications. As soon as you take the app in production you simply lose insight about all that nicely structured services, repositories and architectural concepts of your application. In operation it is only a WAR (no pun intended). OSGi in combination enables you to take these concepts into production a lot more.

Finally they gave some short demo to see hot bundle replacement. All in all a keynote presenting the current state of the application platform, pointing at the paths still to go. Rob and Adrian expect a lot of improvements regarding dependency profiles and provisioning dependencies into the platform.

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