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SpringOne 2008 - Kickoff

June 11th, 2008

We got up early this morning because we had no clue at all how to get to the conference center. After having breakfast with some of the SpringSource guys we somehow managed to get to the Metropolis. It was quite difficult as the only almost direct line from the hotel is so new, that isn’t noted on any train plan. Happy searching!

Rod Johnson, who we accidently met in the hotel’s elevetor this morning, opened SpringOne 2008 with a keynote exceeding two hours. He primarily stated Springs current position in enterprise development and outlined benefits developers and architects gain from using Spring and SpringSource’s enterprise offerings. Keith Donald and Christian Dupuis gave short overviews of Spring development in the web and the SpringSource Tool Suite.

Finally Rod introduced new VP of product management Peter Cooper-Ellis who has been hired by SpringSource recently and was working for BEA over 10 years.

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