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Conference autumn 2010

September 10th, 2010

As summer’s fading out more or less, it’s time to take a look at upcoming times. Autumn is usually quite packed with conferences and this seems to continue this year.

I’ll kick off my conference autumn by speaking at WebAppDays in Düsseldorf (Sept. 27th/28th) presenting Roo as rapid java application development framework as well as giving an overview about tcServer, the SpringSource commercial edition of Tomcat. To not make this a marketing talk entirely, I will concentrate on how developers can benefit from tcServer usage during development and in production.

Next stop for me the is GearConf, Düsseldorf (Oct. 11th/12th), a conference dedicated to the more soft topics of software development like processes and teams. This year I’ll be talking about Mylyn and how it can help developers to be more productive and ease context switches.

If you register quickly there’s still the chance to get discount for both of these conferences. As they are rather small ones, it’s quite intensive as hallroom conversations take place pretty much everytime and everywhere so that the knowledge exchange rate is typically quite high.

The main event this autum of course is Devoxx 2010, Antwerp. Personally I’ll be holding the Mylyn talk there but there’s a ton of other speakers and talks to check out. As SpringSource is also official sponsor of the app a lot of my colleagues will also speak there, e.g Jürgen Höller on Spring 3.1, Ben Alex on Roo, Christian Dupuis on tooling for Spring and Grails.

Right in between those events I will promote upcoming Hades 2.0 release at JUG Cologne Nov. 8th. Chances are high that we have published the release then already. I am currently speaking to a few other JUGs as well, so you can be sure Hades will be near your place, too. :)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to these events. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces and hopefully also some new ones (chances are not bad). Feel free to get in touch and let’s have a beer (malt for me, whatever you like for you :)

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